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Carbon Reductions

Just as climate change is the result of many small actions, Rip Curl knows that a lighter footprint requires initiatives both big and small. From the farm to the factory to the waves themselves, we’re committed to stepping lightly.

The two Australian companies have joined forces to promote sustainability.
The results from a product’s LCA are used to identify and quantify its impact on the environment, to highlight actions that go towards limiting this environmental impact and to improve the sustainability of our products.
Rip Curl is proud to announce that the company's International HQ in Torquay has achieved Victorian government Bronze Waste Wise Certification until March 2013.
Two Planet updates from the Rip Curl Crew in Hossegor...
Greenhouse gases emissions are offset by our partner E.Value, giving the event the Carbono Zero label.
Since 2008, Rip Curl have worked with CO2 Australia to offset the Rip Curl Pro Bells’ greenhouse gas emissions and make it a carbon neutral event.
This is another step in green logistics as the company already re-uses a significant part of the boxes received from suppliers
Air shipping to get the products from suppliers to France was cut in half.
More than a third of the event site was run on a hydrogen fuel cell, thanks to a collaboration with EuroSIMA and Inoveco.
The aim is to avoid using wood in a country hit hard by deforestation.
Previous events banners had been recycled into fashion bags by specialised company Reversible.