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"As surfers, we feel first hand the immediate effects of pollution, we see rampant development on our coasts, we see the effects of a runaway consumer lifestyle and disregard for the future of the eco system as a whole." - Tom Curren

The two Australian companies have joined forces to promote sustainability.
Thanks to the support of Rip Curl Planet, the Sewage Alert Service is another SAS success, securing unprecedented levels real-time water quality information from the UK’s water industry.
On this territory there are actually: 23 lodging establishments, 5 diving clubs, 11 companies that offer various water activities, 181 lagoon fisheries, 20 coastal fisheries, 7 maritime pearl oyster culture establishments as well as a high density of hammerhead sharks and manta rays, lemon shark and green turtle breeding grounds and the regular presence of ambassador dolphins or humpback whales. The development of intelligent interaction is therefore essential. Thanks to the Rip Curl Planet funds, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is going to implement a dynamic coordination with the representatives of all socio-professional categories, associations and the municipality, to collect opinions, establish maps of the space issues at stake, propose rules of management, etc.  
Rip Curl Planet give $US 121 000 to this project in New Caledonia, for the installation of eco-mooring anchors.
Crucial updates on the Rip Curl Planet Fund Since 2006, Rip Curl Planet has supported environmental groups linked to our playground, Planet Earth.
Financial support of two environmentally-focused legacy projects in Puerto Rico, the venue for the historic Rip Curl Pro Search ASP World Tour competitions in 2010.